2014 CES: The Year of Wearables

ImageThe 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show is upon us.  With nearly 2 million square feet of exhibition space, over 20 thousand new product launches, and more than 150 thousand attendees, CES is the global stage for innovation. We can’t wait to check out what’s in store and how all this new innovation could affect the digital health and wellness space. Here’s what we’re excited to see and do at the 2014 CES show:

Wearables, Wearables, Wearables

Because the Jiff Platform offers an ecosystem of devices and apps, we’re interested to see what’s new and exciting in the wearables space. We’re with Tech Times in their prediction that wearable technology will headline the CES show and we’re expecting to see the latest wave of smart watches and cool sensor gadgets that you can stick just about anywhere to measure just about anything. This year’s show even features a whole Tech Zone dedicated to the “Wrist Revolution,” where style, sensors, and connectivity intersect. Our own CEO, Derek Newell, recently shared his point of view about the future of wearables in digital health with the Electronic Health Reporter- check it out the article here.

Catching up with Partners

We’re also excited for the opportunity to catch up with some of our ecosystem partners on the Jiff Platform. These guys can’t help but be innovative.  This morning, Fitbit announced a partnership with Tory Burch to bring high design activity trackers to the masses.  Our friends at Withings announced their brand new product, Aura, a discrete sensor that slips under your mattress to more accurately track the amount and quality of sleep you get each night.  We’ll be hitting the show floor to find out what our other current (and potentially future) partners have going on and what that means for the future of digital health and wellness.

Speaking at the Digital Heath Summit

Jiff CEO, Derek Newell is participating in the panel: Brace Yourself—Your New Trainer is Your Boss taking place on Thursday, January 9th at 3:05 p.m. at the Digital Health Summit.  If you’re at the show, please feel free to come hear him speak and introduce yourself after the panel. We’d love to chat!

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Jiff Welcomes Top Brands in Mobile Apps and Wearables to the Ecosystem

We’re super excited to announce that Jiff is taking yet another step to connect employers and their employees with the best that digital health has to offer – all in one place. Since the launch of the Health Outcomes Marketplace with Towers Watson, we’ve been quietly working to integrate some of the top brands that are driving the digital health movement today, including Fitbit, Jawbone, Fitbug, Withings, BodyMedia, Fatsecret, and CaloryGuard into Jiff’s digital health platform.

“So what does all of this mean for employers?” Well, it means that employers can implement employee-facing programs that tie directly to their corporate health and wellness objectives that incorporate data and feedback from the devices and applications that are integrated with Jiff. It also means that they can be device and application agnostic and provide employees more choice in which devices and applications to use while participating in corporate wellness initiatives. We take care of all the contracting, technical, operational, and administrative complexity for the employer. It’s just click and go!

“So what does all of this mean for employees?” For employees it means choice and the freedom to use the devices and applications they want. Whether competing in company challenges or working towards personal health goals that earn them employer incentives, they can use the device or application that works best for them.

And as if that weren’t awesome enough, we’ve implemented a couple of really key features of the Health Outcomes Marketplace that make this super easy for employers to implement and employees to use:

The first is Jiff’s gear store. Through the gear store, employees and employers can combine their dollars to purchase devices and apps that help employees earn company incentives. The employer can give each employee an allowance (if they choose to) that subsidizes the purchase of whatever the employee needs to help them achieve their goals. If the employee wants the super fancy expensive newest gizmo on the market and the employer subsidy doesn’t cover it, they can put their own money towards the purchase. One of the coolest features of the Jiff gear store is the employer is in complete control of it. If for whatever reason, they do not want one vendor in their gear store, they are out in a click. If they have a special deal already with someone in our ecosystem, another click and the special pricing shows up. 

The second feature is the Jiff Challenges Platform. It’s so cool, it deserves it’s own blog post! You can read it below.

Stay tuned for more updates from Jiff every week. If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can become part of what Jiff is doing, contact partners@jiff.com.

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New Jiff Challenges Platform Takes Flight with Red Bull!

Today Jiff is unveiling its shiny and new mobile health application and powerful platform that goes behind it: Jiff Challenges. Jiff Challenges takes some of the social gaming DNA from founders James Currier and Stan Chudnovsky and combines it with real-time data from our device and application partners to create some really awesome personal wellness experiences for employees. Speaking of which, Red Bull employees are the first lucky bunch to put Jiff Challenges through its paces.

The beauty of the Jiff Challenges platform is that employers can work with Jiff to set it up almost any way they want: easily integrate company specific story lines; set up different social models for employee interaction including group achievement as well as group and individual competition models; integrate prizes, rewards and incentives that can vary depending on corporate wellness goals, company culture, etc. You’ll be hearing a lot about this new platform over the next few months.

Here’s how it works:

1. Each Red Bull employee downloads the Challenges app and syncs it to their activity tracker (a.k.a. wearable device) of choice.

2. The app also allows an employee to purchase an activity tracker through the app itself if s/he has been living under a rock and doesn’t already have one.

3. Over the course of a set time (e.g. one week, month, etc.), each Red Bull employee competes to try to walk the most number of steps per day. In the app, everyone can see how they stack up against the competition (individually and within teams).

4. Teams can be formed or assigned by Red Bull based on business unit, department, or whatever dimension they want.

5. Participants also have access to social features to cheer for (or jeer) their fellow competitors and teammates.

The bottom line is that this is another awesome tool in the Health Outcomes Marketplace, the collaboration between Jiff and Towers Watson that is redefining the way employers and employees think about the next generation of corporate wellness.

We’re super excited to share Challenges with the digital health world and honored that Red Bull is taking her out on her maiden voyage. Here’s a thought: If Red Bull gives you wings; does that mean we’re the wind beneath their wings? I like the sound of that.

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We’re Blogging!

Hello, world.  Welcome to Jiff.

There’s so much going on at Jiff HQ these days that we needed a venue to keep you updated.  So we started this blog.  We’ll use the blog to share information about our latest products, the clients who are using them, and the health outcomes that result from companies using the Jiff platform.

Stay tuned also for our thoughts on the latest industry news—What new wearable device is right for you?  How does the Affordable Care Act affect you and your business?  How can your company use technology to better engage employees and help them live healthier, happier, more productive lives?  We’ll give you our two cents here.

You can also get 140 character updates from our team at www.twitter.com/Jiff.

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